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Job Finder Magic!

The Five Amazing Methods (`legs') to getting and keeping that perfect job!

Unique Secret Weapons that will:

* Dramatically change your job search results
* Give you amazing Self-Confidence you never knew was possible
* Significantly enhance your Self-Awareness & Impact on Others
* Greatly Improve the Quality of Your Current Work Life, AND
* Improve the relationships in all parts of your life!

¿A very successful industry leader in Human Resources management,
leadership, training and business reveals her secrets to achieving
amazing personal success in your work world, while also benefiting from
great improvements in your personal life as well!

As you read on, you will quickly realize that the process described
definitely CAN work for you, no matter where you find yourself in life

The tips and valuable information contained here are intended for
cross-generational use ....

Read on, you'll see why!

Imagine what it would be like to leave your next interview, knowing that you
nailed it and will be getting a great job offer!

This is a much different approach to traditional job hunting - times
have changed and what used to work is becoming outdated.

This approach is the result of years of work years on reinventing a job
search process to give you a better fighting chance in this very
competitive job market.

You will benefit from these tried and true proven methods of having a
balanced approach to the job search...

From hard skills to soft skills, to better self awareness to learning
important techniques in connecting with the employer.

The job search can seem pretty daunting, particularly if you are not
fully prepared through thoughtful planning.

You may have found yourself struggling to understand why you can't seem
to make the connection and why employers aren't calling you back.

You may be trying to figure out why you aren't advancing in your career
the way you had hoped and don't know why.

This is my promise - I am going to give you the tools you need and
tips to get you ready for real success with specific and tested
techniques. Let's get to work!

Since you are reading this, you're obviously taking the first step towards
improving the quality of your professional and personal life.

Imagine having access to amazing tools that will literally transform
the way you approach where you are in your career?

Do you find yourself struggling with what to do next, what steps will
make that dramatic change in your results?

The contents of The Starfish Factor address a wide range of tips,
tricks, employer secrets, and step by step tools to use in your all
important business and personal development.

The Secrets revealed here will open your mind to results you never
imagined were possible!

In addition... here's a side bonus ... and an important one!


Congratulations and welcome to this really important journey!

Hi There!

I am A.K. Wiegenstein and I am here to guide you every step of the way!

You are on the road to SUCCESS!

For many years, I never imagined myself writing a book like this until
I realized the real need to get help to those really struggling in the
career and personal development world.

I got encouragement from colleagues, CEO's, senior managers, friends,
family and most important, those employees who were benefiting from my
coaching in so many ways.

I worked for years in Corporate America in Senior HR management
positions, training, coaching, and giving employees and managers
various proven tools that I am going to share with you in The Starfish

I know at this stage in your reading that you may think that these
methods can't possibly work for everyone...
But I am confident that if you're willing to make the investment in
yourself, that these techniques will work well, no matter where you are
in your career and in life.

I'm so confident in this because I've coached and worked with so many
individuals of different generations and age groups, and have seen the
magic happen when they follow the steps outlined.

The positive changes that have taken place with others can happen to
you too!

I have been really excited about developing this program to help others
achieve their ultimate success in the job hunting process, enhancing
their current efforts at their current job, or looking at new
adventures using life learned skills.

Imagine how this `Starfish' method can potentially transform your
earning power and expand your career and life possibilities!

The Starfish Factor isn't just a one-leg magic formula - it has multiple
legs, and we're going to share the strength of each with you in great detail
and with awesome results!

In this book, there is something important to learn about for everyone
in their quest for the perfect career and life situation!

Although the focus of this information is perfectly designed for those
who are currently looking at new potential job opportunities, this also
can apply to you if.....
* You are already in a job, but are looking at ways to improve your
upward mobility within your organization.
* You may be looking at other types of companies where you can
transfer your skills into a more challenging and interesting
* You are a more mature worker looking to re-enter the job market or
change direction
* You are looking for ways to convert your volunteer job into a paid
* You are "retired" (not a factor of age necessarily) and want to
Work In Retirement.
* Are you looking at alternatives to working for someone else? Maybe
an online business.

See what I mean? This information is critical to your career and life

If you feel you have been challenged in this area, no worries! We are
here to help you transform your results.

So when I say this method can work for anyone, no matter where you
happen to be in your career or life path, I really mean it!

There are so many valuable resources for you here that can be used over
and over again in different parts of your life and career path!

What I am going to share with you will help change how you see
yourself, your employer, and your other meaningful life relationships.

Here are some questions for you:
* Are you feeling STUCK? Do you find yourself staring at your
computer screen and all you see is a big blank? You're not alone!
We are here to get you unstuck and moving forward!

I want you to go from this...


Are you frustrated about coming in 2nd and 3rd every time you go to
apply for an interview for a job?

Do you wonder if your age or experience (too little or not enough) are
creating another barrier?

Ever wished you could just make the right connection for that perfect

By doing the work and following this proven 5 step plan, you'll finally
find yourself getting multiple job offers.

So what's the significance of the Starfish Factor?

The story behind the Starfish is this....

To keep things simple, I reflected on the five key `points' I wanted to
make for my readers.

These five factors have been essential to my own professional success,
and in my results oriented coaching and training of others.

Thus was born the Starfish .... The 5-legged one which is the mascot of
my book!

On a personal note, I was raised in many tropical and beautiful places
around the globe, and was fortunate to have been able to view so many
amazing Starfish in the wild.

The Starfish always struck me as a creature that worked in very
deliberate and focused ways to survive and thrive.

The use of their 5 legs are interesting in the manner in which they
work together in the water. It's a process that intrigues me as I have
watched them over the years.

Let me begin to explain a little more about this tried and true 5 `leg'
method that I have found to be very successful in helping you pull all
aspects of your career and personal life together.

The 5 "legs" of achieving success in your job search!

As I explained above, no matter where you are in your career and life,
these easy to follow steps can be used for all types of job searches

Part time, full time, volunteer work... the works!

Too good to be true?

You are probably thinking that it's easy for me to minimize the
struggles of searching for the right career path or situation and that
this may sound too good to be true....

You may be thinking..."This won't work for me - I can't do this."

I am here to tell you .....

How do I know this will work?

I have tested this process for myself personally with amazing success
through my own career path, and have coached many others to do the
same, with great results!

This can work for you too!

Here's my own personal story ....

After college, I had a number of different jobs in my early career, but
for some years, I just felt like I was towing the line ...

I got married early, had children right away, and found myself in the
get up, get dressed, go to work, go home, cook dinner, take care of the
family and wake up and do it all again.

The dream career movement really hadn't happened until I had a wake up
call. For much of this time, I was the primary wage earner, and
struggled like crazy just to survive.

And then ..... I have never been so scared in my life ....

After 17 years of marriage and two great kids, the marriage was over.

Although it seemed pretty devastating at the time, it was actually a
disguised blessing that propelled me into my next important career and
personal life transition.

All of the sudden, I was alone with my children and faced with pulling
myself together so that I could support my family. No help was coming
from the other side, so it was up to me.

That's when I started becoming very interested in a more fulfilling and
creative opportunity with a more lucrative future that would help my
family and me live a better life.

I was fortunate to get one of my first professional jobs in Human
Resources with a very thoughtful manager who embodied the concept of
the "whole employee" - one who could not only do the basics of a job,
but who also could learn and practice the skills of building positive
relationships to obtain great team and personal results.

With that philosophy of managing, I was able to expand my own horizons
and then share what I learned and observed with others in my circle.

It was then that I learned about the techniques of "visualization",
meditation, and believing that anything was possible if I was willing
to put in the effort. It was the early and beginning of my interest
and studies of the Law of Attraction (I'll get to that later in my
discussion and in detail my book).

The powerful impact that had on me and the results I was seeing in my
own performance, attitude and relationship with others was really
pretty amazing.

In my personal life, it connected me with my current husband, who has
been a continual source of inspiration and modeling, and who encouraged
me to share my experiences with you in this book.

I have also been so encouraged by other colleagues and family members
to share the powerful results they have seen in my career, and more
importantly in the lives of others I have had the privilege to coach
and train in my career.

Opportunities have led me into a series of other great jobs that I hand
picked using my newly found skills of learning how to find the right

Finding the right fit allowed me to provide the highest value to my
employers and to leave a legacy of my work behind when I left.

I really love helping others achieve their career and personal goals,
and that's the whole reason for bringing this offer to you ... so that
more individuals can benefit and profit from this process, and
hopefully share their successes and great results with others!

So get on board and let's explore the 5 key `legs' essential for
getting yourself in the right job situation.

These may seem like simple methods, but....

The simplicity of it all makes these techniques effective in a way that can
be life changing for you .... at work and also in your personal life!

I've put together ways to walk through the steps without the barriers
you may have encountered in the past.

Just imagine what it will feel like by picturing yourself in the
perfect job situation, and knowing that the investment you made in
yourself will also impact all of your life relationships.

Are you ready to move through this journey with me?

I am confident you will find this process very revealing and very
rewarding .... and have fun while you're in it! I am so pleased you
have joined me here.

I will share with you the ten most important mistakes people make when
conducting their job search and how to avoid them!

This is a step by step method for achieving the best success. You are
going to be so proud of the new you once you finish the process!

There are lots of books and resources out there about how to interview
and prepare for the job hunting process.

The challenge with some of that information is that it may fall short
of what the real roadblocks are!

The information I am going to give you digs deeper than the surface and
provides powerful answers to the issues that have gotten in your way.

Most importantly, you will gain a greater understanding of yourself ...
things you probably never knew or were conscious of.

So what are these 5 Starfish legs? In a nutshell, here's the journey....

Leg 1 - Understanding your barriers - what's getting in your way?

In this leg, we will look at the roadblocks that are preventing you
from achieving your goals.

You may have a perception of what you believe your roadblocks may be,
but you'll be surprised about some common ones that you may not have
thought about!

The good news is that these roadblocks can easily be overcome with the
tips I am going to give you!

I will share real life stories with you of a very accomplished
professional who struggled for a long time until she figured out these
very important and revealing roadblocks!

We will also identify what assumptions (and not necessarily reality!)
you may be making that keep you from getting over the hump.

Leg 2 - Understanding what employers want and are looking for (These tips
will surprise you!)

You will be very surprised at what I will tell you here!

I was one of those employers for many years in a key Human Resource
management position .... What I will reveal are things you have
probably never considered when conducting your job search.

You may have read a number of self-help job search books, but from one
who has sat at the hiring table for many years, I'm here to tell you
that some of the so-called classic assumptions we make about employers
just aren't so!

Meeting the "minimum requirements" is NOT what this is all about - it's
much deeper than that! Here are some highlights of this section:
* Developing your "soft skills" - the relationship skills. Includes
an exercise to better understand your own behavior style and
tendencies. That's the key - that's the foundation - we then go
from there!
* You will be receiving very valuable tips and advice on resources
you definitely need to take advantage of and how to "do your
homework" on an employer.
* Getting yourself prepared for phone interviews, face to face
interviews and group interviews .... In very specific terms.
* Teaching you how to develop your elevator speech and why that will
keep you grounded and focused.
* Specific information on what you can anticipate for questions from
the employer, and your best responses!
* Informational interviews and how to find the non-existent job!
* Direct Inquiries - getting your foot in the door!
* Post-Interview etiquette!

I'm going to reveal all this and more about the truth behind the

Leg 3 - Impact of better Self-Awareness

Powerful (and fun) tool for understanding yourself better and using
this information to find your perfect job fit, and in so many cases, a
way to significantly enhance your personal relationships as well.

You will be introduced to a world class author, entrepreneur, life
coach and motivational speaker who uses this tool exclusively in his
work with clients with unbelievable results!

You are going to experience an exercise that will be so revealing and
so interesting that you will wish you had this information long ago
..... AND

You're getting this initial exercise ABSOLUTELY FREE! You won't
believe how useful the results will be for you in your life and

You will learn the Magic and use of Behavior Profiles and how this is
an essential part of Job Finder Magic!

This exercise, developed by years of research in corporations, is a
powerful tool for your own self development and your ability to be a
real STAR as a job prospect and within an organization once you get
that perfect job!

I have personally used this well tested Behavior Profile tool in
hiring, in team building, and in coaching others in personal and
professional settings.

The results have been extraordinary as I implemented this system within
numerous organizations to strengthen individual, team and group

Many organizations are using this tool as a screening mechanism for
prospective employees .... Don't get left in the cold ... you will want
to benefit from gaining a much greater understanding of yourself and
the impact you have on others!

I will walk you through this process so that YOU TOO as an individual
can benefit from this powerful tool!

Other information for you will include things like:
* Building positive and rewarding relationships
* Trusting and respectful open communication
* Listening with intent and without judgment
* Finding common cultural ground with others

Leg 4 - Law of Attraction

Using the concepts of the Law of Attraction to bring positive and
immediate results into all aspects of your life.
* You will learn about the power of your thoughts and how they impact
your outcomes in life.
* We will explore the great energy created by the power of positive
and hopeful thinking.

* The ability to have genuine gratitude (vs. forced gratitude) in all
areas of your life will give you a sense of calm and hope and will
help to make great things happen. It's part of our human condition
to take so much for granted without recognizing the value of what
we have and what we have experienced.
We tend to compare ourselves to others rather than looking at our
self-worth. What you may see on the surface may be quite different
than the reality of what others are experiencing. You may not
realize how lucky you really are and how much you have to
contribute and be thankful for!
* You will have access to the key elements of "The Secret" and how
the concepts of this book can give you a new sense of your own life
and priorities, many of which have turned so many lives around.
* You will be introduced to another amazing Law of Attraction
contributor and writer who will inspire you beyond belief!!

The power of visualization, imagining and our thoughts can't be

Leg 5 - Connections

* Making that all important connection with the employer and finding
the right fit.
In the end, making that ultimate connection is essential to your
successful job search. Many of us assume that it's just all about
what you know, who you know, what you look like, or the balance in
your account. That is definitely not the case!
It's about much more than that, and in this section, you will learn
specifically about how to make those connections by linking the
five Legs of the Starfish together.
* You will also get very valuable information about the first 20
second impression and appropriate etiquette and manners!
While this may seem obvious, in my years of interviewing and hiring
others, it became apparent to me that there is much opportunity to
reveal the essential elements in this area.
You will learn about the proven secrets of standing out amongst the
rest of the applicant pool applying for that same job!

There's your basic outline of the powerful tips available to you in The
Starfish Factor, but you're not done yet!

You will receive many other tips and tricks to help you along the way.

Here's many other proven Job Finder Magic tips that you will also get in
this important and valuable book .....

* Staying grounded ... Each chapter will provide you with
motivational inspiration and encouragement to help you along your
* Throughout the book, you will have interesting and valuable
self-awareness exercises to help you stay in clear focus
* Helpful tips to keep you in the present, looking forward, not
* Personal stories throughout the book about others' success stories
and how this information became life changing for them
* How to look at your "transferable" skills when looking for a career
* Specific tips on what to anticipate in different kinds of
interviews, including being prepared for those tough open ended
* How to get hired into non-existent jobs
* Alternative career choices by working for yourself in a surprising
& very profitable way! (For those of you sick of working for
someone else!)
* Powerful personal development and style exercises to give you a
clear view of who you are and what your priorities are .... In work
and in life
* Networking ideas and the use of social media in your job search.
You will get valuable information on techniques that work, and
those to definitely AVOID!
* The importance of never burning your bridges! The secret of why
this is more important than what might seem obvious! Gracious
ways to separate yourself from a bad fit.
* The Skills Assessment Challenge exercise
* Identifying your own personal management and work ethic skills
* Values exercises - personal and work - are they aligned?
* Tips and tricks to connecting with the employer
* Proven methods to hook your employer, including a whole section on
Workplace and Interviewing Etiquette..... the things that will set
you apart from the others!
* A full discussion of the importance of the Curiosity Factor and how
essential this is in all of life's relationships.
You will receive a bonus about this below and it is more fully
described in The Starfish Factor. The information in this free
report alone will have that employer asking: "Where have you been
all this time?"
* Tips on getting your application and resume noticed.
* 11 key Tips and Secrets to get your resume noticed AND how to write
a fantastic cover letter!

Remember I said that there is something for everyone in their search for the
perfect career situation?

I think you will agree that much of what you will read in this book can
definitely apply to all of you and bring you great value in both your
professional and personal lives!

For those of you who may be in the "Over 50" group, this is for you,
but everyone reading this will definitely benefit as well!

Everything presented in The Starfish Factor really applies to you in
whatever place you are in your life and career.

The specifics in this particular section will be a valuable add-on for
those in that group!

I happen to be in this group, and so can definitely relate to what I
"perceived" to be challenges, but which in the end turned out to be

This time of my life has been so rewarding and so rich in adventure and
challenge, and that's frankly keeping me full of energy and

In a recent NBC Today show segment, this very topic was a highlight of
their 2nd hour in which there was a discussion of Life IN Retirement.

I realize that some of you may not yet be in retirement, but keep this
in mind .... retirement has been so redefined in the last couple of

I have great friends who are actually retiring from their traditional
jobs at Age 50 or earlier, and then embarking on other exciting
ventures ranging from entrepreneurship opportunities, scaling back to
part time, doing paid housesitting gigs, and volunteering.

Most important, they were staying engaged no matter what choice they
made! Think about doing something you love or are passionate
about....maybe something you never had the time to do when you were
working for someone else! Turn your hobby into a job!

Here are a few key points that were made in this Today Show segment:
* There is a growing trend to take better care of ourselves
physically and emotionally resulting in a greater sense of worth.
* There are Health and Financial benefits to Life IN Retirement

Health Benefits:
* Working keeps you alive!
* Working keeps you healthier.
* Working gives you more mental sharpness.
* Working reduces isolation and gives you identity.

Financial Benefits:
* If you continue to work for your company after normal retirement
age, you can leave your 401(k) retirement funds in place so that
they can continue to grow tax deferred.
* Delaying your Social Security benefits can result in continued
growth of your benefit, and that can be substantial.
* Possibility of retaining your employee benefits.

In an Age Wave report, it states ...

"As it turns out, studies show that having low social interaction is as
bad for your health as smoking fifteen cigarettes a day, is as
dangerous as being an alcoholic, is as harmful as never exercising, and
is twice as dangerous as obesity."

So you can see from these types of studies, that remaining engaged in
activities which keep in touch with others can have a dramatic and
positive effect on your physical and emotional health.

Working in retirement becomes more of choice that you have the
flexibility and freedom to do.

To prepare for this, it's important to do some critical planning, and I
will highlight for you in The Starfish Factor those things that you can
be doing NOW to prepare for this wonderful time!

Listen up to those of you who aren't here yet .... You will be there
eventually, and cultivating the skills that are important to this group
will be helpful for you as well!

In this segment of the book, we will explore the rapidly changing
assumptions and recommendations for this group of talented folks!

This group often feels that there is no hope for getting a great job.
That could not be further from the truth!

This group of individuals have a wealth of experience, skills, judgment
and maturity that makes them very attractive.

If you are in this group, you will mostly be perceived to be a very
desirable candidate for many employers because of your background, your
understanding the importance of a good work ethic and your ability to
project all you have to offer.

In my personal experience, I have been approached by several employers
who, not only have been interested in my background and skills
regardless of my age, but BECAUSE of my age and the value I could offer
their organizations.

Although everything presented in The Starfish Factor really applies to
you in whatever place you are in your life and career. The specifics in
this particular section will be a valuable add-on for those in that

Here's a preview of what you will learn in this section:
* The 3 key elements (E, E and I) of what will set you apart and why
you will be in a better position to project the great talents you
already have!
* Learning how to use various methods of social media to your
* Understanding what your age related barriers could be and how to
* Proven tips to stay current with business trends.
* Specific resume and application tips to ensure success in getting
that all important interview.
* The First Impression issue for Over 50 ... with specifics on
attire, grooming and attitude to reflect an image of energy and
* Overcoming the perception that younger hiring managers may have
about your fit.

* Networking tips - do's and don'ts.
* Continuing education through online classes.
* Learning to be perceived as "problem solver".
* Ideas on how to access resources for those over 50.
* Importance of keeping technical skills current.

To wrap this all up... Use your imagination and your Visualization
skills and...
* Imagine being able to develop the kind of personal self confidence
and understanding that will make yourself very desirable to
prospective employers?
* Imagine the positive impact of mastering this information, knowing
that it will significantly improve your financial security once you
find your perfect niche.
* Imagine having access to my FREE bonuses and services because of my
commitment to helping you!

Personal and career coaches are paid up to $200.00 per hour or more
for their expertise.

The professional expertise and tried and true results that go into this
type of book would be a great value at $49.95...

But..... In all fairness, I also know that when you are in a potential
situation of being unemployed, underemployed, or just need to make a
change, that having yet more expenses may be difficult...so I'm here
for you and want to give you a break here as well!

That is why you aren't even going to pay $39.95 for the valuable
information and insights from my own experiences and my coaching of
others in the same boat!

Because you are obviously committed to your future success and willing
to commit time to invest in yourself, I want to help .... I am
extending a special price to you of ..

Only $29.95!

I feel so confident that this program will work for you in so many
different ways that I will provide you with a 60-day money back
guarantee with no risk.


Try out The Starfish Factor for yourself for a full 60 days!

If for any reason you are not happy with the product, simply send me an
email and I will refund 100% of your money.

No questions Asked, No Hassles, No Fine Print!

Yes, I want to get on board with The Starfish Factor now! I understand
that when I order the Starfish Factor, I will receive an Instant
Download for just $29.95!

Please note that the book image is for visualization purposes only and
that the actual product is digital.

And there's more .....! FREE!

With the purchase of The Starfish Factor you will also receive
three additional add on FREE bonuses!!


11 secrets to building confidence and overcoming self doubt

This book is a real gem and will give you many additional and
supportive tips to get you back in charge and on top of the world!

Don't delay - this is a limited time offer to help you get started on
your success journey!


25 Daily Happiness Boosting Habits

Learn the AMAZING and easy 25 secrets to transforming your outlook on
life & health in an incredibly positive way!

Even if you're in a great place now, these tips and secrets are awesome
daily reminders that will boost your spirits!

Begin your journey today towards happier and healthier moments!

BONUS 3: 3 months email support

As a SPECIAL bonus with the purchase of The Starfish Factor, you will
also receive 3 months of Members' Only personal and professional Human
Resources email support regarding issues related to your job search!

This is a very limited time FREE offer to connect with an industry
leader who will give you candid, honest and helpful advice!

Amazing Added Value!

An excellent and affordable investment in your future which can easily
translate only $29.95 into thousands of dollars each year for you!

Here are some testimonals...

From Jeff M., CEO of a large retail chain:

Several years ago, my HR Director, Adrianne, approached me with an
idea, an idea that would take our management team through a process of
self discovery and personal development.

Her idea was that if we could take our team through a process of self
awareness and help them become better people; more empathic, less
judgmental; to not just listen but hear what others were saying and to
learn to speak their truths, we could help them become better fathers
and mothers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters and in the end,
better managers. This was not an idea readily accepted by all of our

I recall one individual telling us he didn't want to know himself
better. But we persevered and forged ahead from the top of the
organization down to field level management. There were some trying
times, many emotional highs and lows, but in the end, we were better
for it and a team that functioned at a higher level.

Years later, after we had been acquired, it became even more obvious
that we had created something special, something we would probably
never experience again. Adrianne was the motivation behind that effort
and its most vocal champion.

From Amy W., Healthcare COO Adrianne was our HR Director:

She understands the true value of relationships and trust in fostering
a positive, fulfilling work environment.

Healthcare is a field built upon relationships. Relationships with
patients, families, co-workers and the community. As a senior
healthcare leader I appreciate her ability to embrace the vast
differences individuals bring into the workplace, see the unique
strengths and contributions each person is capable of making and foster
an environment where strength instead of weakness shines.

Adrianne's ability to listen, reflect and redirect workplace behaviors
is unparalleled. She is a true professional that I am blessed to have
had the pleasure of working with.

From Julie S., Department Manager, Large Retail Chain

Adrianne is able to bring measured, reasoned and leadership to any
organization. In my role as the Accounts Payable Manager, I worked with
her on several challenging Human Resource situations.

Her vast knowledge of leading management trends in dealing with HR
challenges, especially in the area of employee relations was a great
support to me.

Adrianne maintains admirable and calm negotiation skills, making her a
truly valuable resource that can assist and provide support to any
organization seeking to either improve its overall Human Resource
management environment or deal with specific Human Resource

Her listening and communication skills are exceptional, and I am
confident that readers will benefit well from her expertise!

From Roy S., CFO, Large Retail Chain:

Adrianne led the transformation of our organization to a relationship
driven, high trust culture. Employee engagement experiences rose to new
levels, communication flowed more freely across departments. and the
company was far more aligned on goals and objectives.

Employees with significant differences in personality and style found
common cultural ground in which to communicate and collaborate.

I have applied the principles learned to my personal life as well as
subsequent work places with amazing success. Thanks to Adrianne,
my personal relationships are now far richer and meaningful.

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